AJ Tracey x The Kit Dealer

The Football kit culture and the genre/subculture of grime have become strongly intertwined in recent years. The release of the single “Thiago Silva” by Dave & AJ Tracey was a huge milestone in the subcultures shift to mix with the casual cult football scene, well known from the 80’s football hooliganism. The song title, “Thiago Silva” was centred around modern legendary Paris Saint Germain, Brazilian centre back at the time, Thiago Silva. This resulted in Dave and AJ flying out to Paris to shoot the first major UK grime music video outside of UK borders; this was a huge step forward for genre at the time. In the video, AJ and Dave can be seen wearing the infamous home and away kits of PSG’s 2015-16 season featuring “Thiago Silva” name sets. At the time of the release in 2016, AJ and Dave were both beginning to gain traction in the UK, as grime had already started to explode in popularity within the UK and European youth scene.  With the release of the single going Platinum as well as the music video now having over 38 million views on YouTube to date, “Thiago Silva” planted the seed that has become the norm to see young people around the world wearing football attire as their day-to-day accoutrement. Since 2016, grime as a genre has grown substantially not only in the UK, but around the world as well as the football connotations that are now so deeply embedded within it.

Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to work with AJ, he is a passionate Tottenham fan who has been heavily involved with the club and even debuted the 2017/2018 home kit. AJ was keen to get his hands on a kit from Tottenham's Umbro era of the early 90s and we were able to supply him with arguably one of the nicest Spurs home kits ever produced, Tottenham home 1991-93. AJ was super happy with the kit and showed appreciation of our services on his socials. Later AJ showed off his kit watching the Spurs 2-0 win over Arsenal in December 2020.